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What to Expect at Maine Brew Fest

Twenty-five Maine craft breweries are confirmed for the big event bringing over 70 beers. With unlimited samples, we’re pretty sure you’re going to find a new favorite (or two). We know we are!

Here are a few things on how the day will work and what to expect:


All tickets will be waiting for you in the Welcome Center of South Ridge Lodge at Sunday River. We have your name, so don’t worry if you forget your email or confirmation. Your tickets will be available under the last name of the purchaser.

What To Bring To Check-In

You need to bring an ID. You will not get a ticket and a bracelet and a cup without your ID. Without the bracelet AND a cup, you won’t get a drop of beer. No, you can’t pick up someone else’s, so don’t ask. There are absolutely no exceptions to this. Why? We have to put the bracelet directly on the person we ID. If we don’t, we are putting our licensing at risk. If that goes down, then NO BEER FOR ANYONE. And you don’t want to be that guy that shuts down the beer at a beer fest, do you?

Check-In Schedule

This is important, so please note:


To fast track our VIPs, we’re opening up check-in to Connoisseur’s ticket purchasers only at 10AM. If aren’t here right away, that’s okay. We’ll have a separate line for you after 11AM to make sure you get into your VIP power hour without missing a moment. If you bring someone else with you, please note only VIP ticket holders can get into the early access. Even if someone isn’t participating, they won’t be allowed in the space until after 1PM.


At 11AM, we’ll open up check in for all participants. Please try to check in your entire party at once to make the process as efficient as possible. If you arrive before 1PM, you won’t be allowed under the tent (even non-ticket holders), but the Foggy Goggle will be open upstairs, the food venues around the tent will be serving, and the Chondola will be running so you can use your free scenic lift ride.

Purchasing Tickets on Saturday

A limited quantity of tickets will be available at the Season Pass desk in the Welcome Center (when you walk in, it’s immediately on your right). Tickets are $50 and everyone participating much be present at the time of purchase. If you want to get a ticket (and save $5), purchase online by end of Friday. OysterBrew tickets will also be available (while supplies last) in the same location.

Free Things

We’re not about charging for this and that and everything in between. So here’s a list of everything you don’t have to pay for:

  • Designated Driver tickets are free. Wine drinkers, too. Any non-participant doesn’t have to pay to hang out.
  • Parking is free.
  • Dogs are not free (no free puppies, sorry), but you’re allowed to bring your own on a leash!
  • Hotel shuttles are free.
  • Beans & cornbread. Pallet cleanser or drink absorber — either way it’s free!

The Foggy Goggle (located upstairs of the lodge) will be open and the deck is a great spot for enjoying the sunshine. We’ll also have the Poutine & Pretzel Tent, Brat Station, and Pulled Pork Station around the tent.

Still Have Questions?

Ask away on the official Facebook event page.




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